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Since Sah International Manpower Consultant is a reliable name in the field labour consultancy so its primary objective is to provide semiskilled and unskilled labours to different companies in the gulf and outside gulf countries at a cost-effective price. Our long experience makes us capable enough to cater to the exact need of the client across the gulf in different sectors, such as Construction, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Planning & designing, Architects, Interior decorations, Mechanical engineering, Plumbing, Carpentering, electrical and painting.

Although, the demand for unskilled and trained personnel is always high in every sector be it the corporate sector or service sector, but is the beauty of labour consultancy service that unskilled labour also contributes towards the success of any business and it is only possible when you are directly or indirectly involved in the business.

Apart from semiskilled and unskilled labour consultancy services, we have also been providing skilled professionals. We have already recruited for a wide array f highly skilled staff to leading MNC companies in gulf regions.

Skilled Labour consultant for Gulf

Doctor, Project Managers, Civil & Mechanical Engineers &, Land Surveyors, Foreman, Planning Engineers, Architects, Interior Decorator, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineer, Design & Instrument Engineer, Safety Engineer, QA/QC Engineer, Operation Technician, HVAC Engineers, HVAC technicians, draftsman, Foreman’s, AC technicians, Chiller Operators, Pipe fitters, General Managers, Restaurant Managers, F B Managers, Captains, Managers, Merchandisers, Tailors, Designers, A’s, Cost Accountant’s, MBA’s, CFA’s, , Cashiers, Clerks, Accountant, Book Keepers, Project Managers, Software Developers, Programmers, Web Designers , Sales Executives and other IT Professional, etc.

  • Construction - Project managers, Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, Foreman, Planning Engineers, Architects, Interior decorators, Mechanical engineers, Masons, Plumbers, Carpenters , Furniture Carpenters, shuttering Carpenters, RCC fitters, Electricians, Painters and other semi skilled and Unskilled Labour
  • Oil and gas - Project Managers, Engineers – mechanical, civil, electrical, design and instrument, Safety Engineers, QA/QC Engineers, Operation Technicians,welders,Sheet metal Fabricators, Pipe Fitters, Scaff holders, Riggers other skilled , semi skilled and un skilled Labors, NDT technicians, drilling supervisors / engineers
  • Air Conditioning - HVAC Engineers, HVAC technicians, draftsman, Foreman’s , AC technicians, Chiller Operators, Pipe fitters, Welders, Ductman’s, Insulators, Brazer, Electricians, Plumbers
  • Hospitality - General Managers, Restaurant managers, F B managers, Captains, cooks, Stewards, waitress, Room boys, House Keepers, etc.
  • Medical - Doctors, nurses, Lab technicians, paramedical, sales representatives, X-ray man, compounders and other healthcare professionals.
  • Garments - Managers, Merchandisers, Tailors, Designers and other skilled and unskilled Labour
  • IT - Project Managers, Software Developers, programmers, Web designers , sales executives and other IT professionals
  • Marine Ind. - Engineers and all kind of Staff related to ships .
  • Engineering / Heavy equipments - Heavy equipment operators, mechanics ,turners, welders, lathe operators, drill operators, etc.
  • Automobile Industry - Drivers, mechanics, painters, auto electricians, Dentors, electrician, radiator mechanics etc.
  • Printing Industry - Graphic designers, printers, binders, mechanics, sales executive for media , printing machines operators and technicians
  • Power Plant - Engineers – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc . Technicians — electrical, Instrument, mechanical, chemicals, Civil, Refractory etc
  • Agriculture - Irrigation, Landscaping , Agriculture. Engineers, Technicians, Farmers, horticulturist and other skilled and unskilled Labour’
  • Banking and Finance - CA’s, Cost Accountant’s, MBA’s, CFA’s,’s , Cashiers, Clerks, Accountant, Book keepers, Store Keeper, Inventory Controllers, Auditors, Credit Controllers, Purchase Managers, Sales Managers at all levels
  • Office Staff - Starting from Secretary, Receptionist, Office Boys, Clerks, Accountants, Computer operators, Typist and Managers at all levels – Administration / HR / Sales

Unskilled Labour for Middle East

Masons, Sheet metal Fabricators, Plumbers, welders, lathe operators, drill operators, Farmers, horticulturist, welders, Carpenters, shuttering Carpenters, RCC fitters, Room Boys, House Keepers, drilling supervisors, turners, painters, Heavy equipment, Refractory, Dentors, Drivers, etc.

Global Labour Supply

We are a leading consultant, engaged in offering Labor Supply skilled and unskilIndustrial Labor Jobs In Gulf Countriesled workers to our clients from different countries in the recruitment of industrial labor from India and Nepal. Our Labor Supply services always help in recruiting the cheap labors for the prescribed jobs in various countries. This helps in saving time, energy and our client’s money.

Semi Skilled Workers

Stewards, waitress , Pipe Fitters, Scaff holders , cooks, NDT technicians, Lab technicians, paramedical, Heavy equipment operators, mechanics, Irrigation, Landscaping, Store Keeper, Inventory Controllers, Receptionist, Office Boys, Clerks, Accountants, Computer Operators, Typist, etc.

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One of India's leading Manpower Consultancy are the leaders in providing manpower recruitment services for professionals in India & Gulf. Our distinguished clientele represents a wide spectrum of industries like manufacturing, construction, engineering, telecommunication, petrochemical

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